Jeanine (jeanineers) wrote,

For friends of Kitty Canterbury

Kitty’s current state is peaceful. But the end of life transition period is stressful for Jenifer, Carol, & Krista so it’s probably best to check in by calling Virginia Mason Hospital and talking with one of them before visiting.

Kitty is still at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. Her medical team wants to move her to inpatient hospice care. The hospital social worker is currently working with several facilities to find an open space. An inpatient hospice care facility is the best option because the staff are very well trained in providing end of life care. They are also able to provide comfort to family members. Krista, Carol, & Jen are currently dozing in chairs or grabbing a few minues sleep curled in blankets on the floor. They will be able to remain with Kitty and get more comfortable rest in a hospice care facility.

Over the last couple years Kitty has made decisions about what kind of medical care she wants at the end of her life. She is aware that she’s in an end of life transition and that her comfort needs will be met. Throughout Kitty’s hospital stay she has been made very comfortable by hospital staff and family members. She hasn’t been in pain and has experienced only very short periods of distressed confusion due to waking up in unfamiliar surroundings without the ability to understand where she is. The medical team quickly provides support to ease her confusion.

Kitty’s breathing was erratic and very slow Friday night. She had a tough time Friday night and the medical team eased her distress with medication. By Saturday morning the medical team and family members were sure she would be passing soon. But our Kitty is tricksey and she regained consciousness Saturday afternoon and was able to enjoy visits from several members of the Star Trek and SF family Saturday afternoon & Sunday. Kitty slept very well both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Kitty has slept almost continuously since Sunday night. She has awakened briefly from time to time, sometimes staying awake long enough to enjoy a little chocolate pudding or other little bits of food and water. When sleeping her breathing is slow and erratic. A couple dear Star Trek family members stopped by to say thank you and goodbye Sunday.

Family members continue to stay near Kitty’s bedside and talk about their favorite Kitty moments. They have been very grateful for the visits from friends of the family and from Kitty’s Star Trek and SF family. Kitty’s family has been delighted to reconnect with Star Trek & SF family members they’ve met in the past and are happy to witness the love everyone has for Kitty.

I’ll post an update when there are changes to Kitty’s medical condition or her physical location.

Thank you,

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