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March 2nd - Science Fiction & Fantasy Book Exchange at Phinney Community Center, 10 AM – 1 PM (flyer attached)
The following text from Kathy Bond: The sci-fi book exchange is a free event open to the public hosted by the Phinney Neighborhood Association in the blue building of the Phinney Neighborhood Center. (This is in Seattle.) If you do not have any books to bring to the swap, you can still walk home with books or magazines (think Asimov's) for $1-$2. The event is from 10AM to 2PM on Saturday, March 2nd. This is the first sci-fi book exchange that the PNA has run although they have successfully hosted a mystery book exchange for several years. If this event does well, they will host more. The mystery book exchange, for example, is hosted on a quarterly basis. So, let's make this first event a success!

March My Favorite Restaurant Outing - Wednesday, March 6th at 7:30PM – Crossroads Mall Public Market Restaurants
Please join NWSFS on Wednesday, March 6th at 7:30 PM at Crossroads Mall Public Market Restaurants where you can enjoy tasty treats from around the world. There’s something to suit every palate – from the adventurous to the more conventional. Eateries in the Public Market include: Ai Sushi, Boba Express, Bulgogi Korean BBQ, Burney Brothers BBQ, Crossroads Café, Ebru Mediterranean Grill, Green Bamboo Wok, indi bite Indian Grill, Market Fish Fry, O'Char Thai, Papaya Vietnamese, Papazzi Pizzeria, Piroshky, Piroshky, Tanpopo Japanese, Thyme for Soup, Torero's Taqueria & Cantina, & Ziti Pasta Italiano
Let's meet near the tables close to the Daily Planet news and Half Price Books. No RSVPs are required as it is open seating, however if you email info@nwsfs.org or the contact the hotline at 425-68-NWSFS it will give us an idea on how many tables we may need. .
Crossroads Mall Food Court
15600 NE 8TH Street,
Bellevue, WA 98008

Monthly Social Dates
March 16th - PK Dick Award Nominee Social
April 207h - Debbie Tatarek & Warren Dunham's home
May 18th - Eric & Yvonne Pawtowski host the NWSFS Officer Nomination Social
June 15th - NWSFS Voting Social at Woodland Park
July 20th - Hosting opportunity
August 17th - Hosting opportunity
September 21st - Sci-Fi Cocktail Party
October 19th - Mad Scientist Social
November 16th - Hosting opportunity
December 21st - Hosting opportunity

Saturday - 10/27/2012 – NWSFS Mad Scientist Social

Please join Michael Ormes, Victoria Whitlock and their minions for the October NWSFS Social, beginning at 5 P.M. and ending at 10 P.M (or when they eject the last remaining guest or loan them sleeping space). 14437 NE 11th Place, Bellevue; phone: 425.653.7456.

This is the Mad Scientist Social, so present your favorite experiments, inventions, gadgets, creations, discoveries and curiosities.

NOTE: Please limit yields and power requirements to something appropriate for a residential area.

Bring your favorite videotapes or DVDs, as there is a separate room for viewing. There will also be a variety of board and card games available, or you can bring your own favorite.

As usual, this is a potluck, so bring your contribution of a main dish (occasionally have enough), side dish (rarely have enough), beverage, munchies (usually have enough), or dessert (often have enough, but then really, who could object to too much dessert).

Based on continued demand (despite limited participation), A Challenge for the build-ahead-of-time crowd has again been included. So, for those who prefer time-to-think, and your-own-choice-of-materials:

Disrupting the Lego Supply Line

Hostilities between your Lego Minions and your rival’s minions have been escalating. A bridge has been identified whose destruction would provide a necessary disruption to the delivery of Bricks, Plates, Beams, and Blocks to your rival’s minions. Using Legos as your primary building material create a device which will allow your Lego Minions to deliver a Ping-Pong ball sized diabolical device (if you don’t have one in-stock we know of a discrete supplier) to the bridge while allowing them to escape its destructive effects prior to activation (this being a family friendly event the sponsors discourage Suicide Devicers).

The winner is the device able to most accurately place the diabolical device.

The Fine Print:
The preferred location for the diabolical device is under the bridge touching the central support, second choice is on the bridge span, third is against either end of the bridge, the final least effective location is any other position under the bridge.

Minions are safe from the device’s effects at a range of one meter.

The central support of the bridge is at least 60 mm high. The bridge will allow passage of a vehicle at least 40 mm wide.

To maintain plausible deniability regarding the incident, you must remain at least one meter from the bridge.

A device which takes too long to deliver the diabolical device will attract the attention of your rival’s minions -- who are highly trained in rapidly disarming diabolical devices which will void the delivery.

In the event of a tie, the contest will be repeated with the “plausible deniability distance” increased (or decreased should no effective delivery occur with any device).

As usual, the sponsors of this event assume no responsibility for damaged egos.

Innocent-bystanders are responsible for their own deniability (as well as finding appropriate cover).

A Challenge, in a form similar to previous years, will also be presented for those who desire the satisfaction of solving a problem using limited time and constrained resources. (i.e. you get the details when you arrive).

Logistics: There is plenty of parking on the street. The driveway is a bit steep. The only pets are aquatic, and they are expected to remain in their appropriate habitat. NOTE: If you need test subjects, please make other arrangements. Smoking is acceptable outside only, please. There is a covered breezeway available, with seating, for smokers (assuming assorted leftover experiments can be cleared out in time).

From I-405 (both directions – or take the SR520 route):
Take the NE 8th St exit Eastbound (not the SE 8th St exit). Travel East on NE 8th St towards Crossroads Mall
Take a Left (North) on 140th St NE (there is a Walgreen's on the corner)
Take the first Right on NE 14th St, before the Fairweather Building.
After some large speed bumps, this road will make a 90-degree right turn and become 144th St NE
Take a Left on NE 11th Place
This road again takes a 90-degree Right turn
As you turn, the house is on the inside corner, around the corner. The house is brown, and the drive goes up a small hill, pointed back the way you arrived.

From SR520:
Take the 148th St exit
Travel South on 148th St NE
Turn Right (West) on NE 10th to 145th St NE. It looks like a driveway until you are right there.
Take a Right (North) on 145th St NE
Continue to 11th. The house will be on the left, with the drive pointed up the hill, in the direction you were going.

From I-90: DON'T try to go partway and then follow the directions from SR520 because there is a left turn that you can't make and, depending on traffic, a U-turn can be problematic:
Take the 148th St exit
Travel North on 148th St NE
Go West on NE 8th to 140th St NE
Take a Right (North) on 140th St NE (there is a Walgreen's on the corner)
Take the first Right on NE 14th St, before the Fairweather Building
After some large speed bumps, this road will make a 90-degree right turn and become 144th St NE
Take a Left on NE 11th Place
This road again takes a 90-degree Right turn As you turn, the house is on the inside corner, around the corner.
The house is brown, and the drive goes up a small hill, pointed back the way you arrived.

Please Join Us In Remembering Kitty Canterbury

A gathering of family and friends.

Saturday, October 6, 2012
4:00 to 5:00 PM Gather: followed by dinner, memorial, dessert and fun

Lynnwood Eagles Hall
19223 Hwy 99
Lynnwood, WA

RSVP to: RememberKitty@aol.com

Kitty Canterbury passed away early morning September 9th ending a short battle with ovarian cancer. She continued to be good natured and gentle and was visited daily by family and dear friends.

Kitty founded the local Star Trek fan group called the Puget Sound Star Trekkers (PSST) and served as the Commodore of the group from the mid 1970s through the early 1980s. She was honored as Fan Guest of Honor at Norwescon 19.

Many local fans consider Kitty the mother of organized northwest fandom.

Email photos from Kitty’s activities with the Puget Sound Star Trekkers, life at the various Starbases, and other fannish activities to Judy at RememberKitty@aol.com.

What we’re providing:
We will serve Kitty’s favorite meal of pork and tater tots followed by chocolate cake.
We will provide coffee, cocoa (a Kitty favorite), tea, Crystal Light lemonade, and ice water. We will also provide plates, napkins, cups, and flatware.

You bring:
Your preferred soft drink and a potluck dishes to share: main dishes, salads, side dishes, and desserts (Kit loved chocolate chip cookies, hint).
• Please include serving utensils needed for your dish.
• Please bring a crock pot or hot place or other appropriate appliance if your food must be kept warm.

Location information:
The hall is on the northbound (east) side of Hwy 99. It is located between Central Welding Supply (south side) and Furniture World (north side). The Business Costco is just north of Furniture World. All are on the east side of Hwy 99.

There is a cash bar at the hall (this is the Eagles Hall). No alcoholic drinks can be brought it by us. You must purchase alcoholic drinks from the hall.

For friends of Kitty Canterbury

Kitty’s current state is peaceful. But the end of life transition period is stressful for Jenifer, Carol, & Krista so it’s probably best to check in by calling Virginia Mason Hospital and talking with one of them before visiting.

Kitty is still at Virginia Mason Hospital in Seattle. Her medical team wants to move her to inpatient hospice care. The hospital social worker is currently working with several facilities to find an open space. An inpatient hospice care facility is the best option because the staff are very well trained in providing end of life care. They are also able to provide comfort to family members. Krista, Carol, & Jen are currently dozing in chairs or grabbing a few minues sleep curled in blankets on the floor. They will be able to remain with Kitty and get more comfortable rest in a hospice care facility.

Over the last couple years Kitty has made decisions about what kind of medical care she wants at the end of her life. She is aware that she’s in an end of life transition and that her comfort needs will be met. Throughout Kitty’s hospital stay she has been made very comfortable by hospital staff and family members. She hasn’t been in pain and has experienced only very short periods of distressed confusion due to waking up in unfamiliar surroundings without the ability to understand where she is. The medical team quickly provides support to ease her confusion.

Kitty’s breathing was erratic and very slow Friday night. She had a tough time Friday night and the medical team eased her distress with medication. By Saturday morning the medical team and family members were sure she would be passing soon. But our Kitty is tricksey and she regained consciousness Saturday afternoon and was able to enjoy visits from several members of the Star Trek and SF family Saturday afternoon & Sunday. Kitty slept very well both Saturday and Sunday nights.

Kitty has slept almost continuously since Sunday night. She has awakened briefly from time to time, sometimes staying awake long enough to enjoy a little chocolate pudding or other little bits of food and water. When sleeping her breathing is slow and erratic. A couple dear Star Trek family members stopped by to say thank you and goodbye Sunday.

Family members continue to stay near Kitty’s bedside and talk about their favorite Kitty moments. They have been very grateful for the visits from friends of the family and from Kitty’s Star Trek and SF family. Kitty’s family has been delighted to reconnect with Star Trek & SF family members they’ve met in the past and are happy to witness the love everyone has for Kitty.

I’ll post an update when there are changes to Kitty’s medical condition or her physical location.

Thank you,


Monthly Social Dates
July 21st – Chili Cook Off Social at Shawn & Kat’s home
August 18th – at Michael & Becky’s home.
September 15th – social
October 20th – Mad Scientist Social
November 17th – at Carla & Marvin’s home
December 15th – Holiday Season Social in the Community Room at David Dorais’ home.

Upcoming outings
Sunday, July 15th at 1:00 PM – Log House Museum
August (TBD) – Ride the Ducks!

My Favorite Restaurant Outings
July 11th – IKEA Restaurant in Renton, one of Jeanine’s favorite restaurants.
August ? – La Isla in Ballard, one of Kathy & Alan’s favorite restaurants.
September ? – Old Spaghetti Factory in Tukwila, one of Carla & Marvin’s favorite restaurants.
October ? – Cutters in Seattle, one of John’s favorite restaurants.
December 5th – Old Spaghetti Factory in Lynnwood, one of Rick & Vickie’s favorite restaurants.

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My Favorite Restaurant (MFR)

Wednesday, July 11th at 7:30 PM

Please join NWSFS on Wednesday, July 11th, 2012, at 7:30 PM one of Jeanine’s favorite restaurants, the IKEA Restaurant in Renton. This is a MFR “food of my people” event.

Link: http://www.ikea.com/us/en/store/seattle/restaurant

Restaurant address and telephone number:
601 SW 41st Street
Renton, WA 98057
(425) 656 2980

Attending, so far:
Scott S.

Please RSVP by Tuesday, July 9th. Seating is not generally limited, but I’d like to grab an appropriate number of tables.

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Comment to this post, and I will list seven things I want you to talk about. They might make sense or they might be totally random. Then post that list, with your commentary, to your journal. Other people can get lists from you, and the meme merrily perpetuates itself.

Remember when we used to do these and enjoy them? Let's revisit those days of yore with a good, old-fashioned meme. weaselmom gave me: Celebrity gossip, high school, England, astronomy, comfort food, Christmas, parades.

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I need a 28" red paper parasol. The one I ordered on line is an orangy-peachy color. Today I visited many stores trying to find a plain red paper parasol. Please let me know if you spot one.